off to guatemala

casa santo domingo.pngafter max and i visited antigua, guatemala last year, i really wanted to take jeannie there for a get-away/concurrent spiritual retreat. we’d seen this stunningly beautiful resort, called casa santo domingo, built on the ruins of a hundreds-of-years-old monastery. so i worked out a way to make it happen, and gave it to jeannie as one of her christmas gifts. my friend junior zapata is a leader at a very large christian school in guatemala city (a school that has 5000 students, and also has all kinds of other ministries in the city and around the country). junior had been asking me to come do some speaking to his leadership for a few years. so i proposed giving him a day of my time in exchange for my flight. then i used miles for jeannie’s flight. junior had some connections at the resort i wanted to stay at; he couldn’t get us a free room, but he got us an OK deal on a junior suite.

so today, we’re taking an overnight flight to guatemala city. monday, while jeannie gets some sleep in a hotel in the city, i’ll do a couple hours of training on adolescent development and youth culture for the 40 junior high and high school teachers at the school. monday afternoon we’ll head down to antigua, guatemala, and check into the resort. junior is bringing the 15 or so department heads of his organization down for a short retreat, and tuesday morning, i’ll do some training on leadership and change. then jeannie and i have until saturday to relax.

we plan on spending the days in semi-silence, reading, walking around, relaxing. then we’ll spend the evenings together. i’m sure we’ll make exceptions to this — it won’t be a hard-core silent retreat, but it is counting as my quarterly spiritual retreat.

we have a good friend and co-worker staying with our kids for the week, which is a real gift to us.

i don’t have time to post a bunch, but will have one or two things go live each day.

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  1. Have fun there, and enjoy the Sunday Brunch, I love it! One of my favorite restaurants in Antigua is Queso y vino, fantastic pasta. My other indulgence is of course pollo campero.

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