off to guatemala

air marko.jpgmax (my 9 year-old son) and i fly to guatemala tonite. our primary reason for going is to be a part of the ys youth workers convention in guatemala city this coming weekend. this is our 3rd year of conventions in guatemala city. but i didn’t get to go last year, so i’m pumped to return.

here’s the convention website (it’s very cool, even if you don’t speak spanish!). i’ll be speaking in a general session, and presenting two seminars. all with translation, of course.

but max and i flying in a couple days early so we can travel out to a village to see some of the work of compassion, int’l. compassion, if you don’t know them, are a leading child-sponsorship organization, and have been friends and partners with ys for years. we’ll be lead by our old friend rich van pelt (co-author of the youth workers guide to helping teenagers in crisis, and regular ys convention speaker), and will be joined by my buddy and ys friend, marv penner (also a ys author, speaker, core team member). should be a challenging, wonderful and memorable time. i’m really looking forward to sharing it with max.

i won’t be home until tuesday, august 7. but i have at least one post set to go live each day, so you won’t get too bored!

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  1. Marko I’ve done alot of work in Guatemala, and I love the country, if you get a chance to go to Antigua or Lake Atilan, be sure to make the trip


  2. There is a great cheesecake restaurant in Antigua, one block away from the square, (if you head north toward the golden arch (no not mcdonalds a real golden arch) its on the right hand side across from the pollo campero. Oh and one must have ice cream from sarita… sorry you have me drooling, blessings on your trip

  3. there is also a great restaurant with a courtyard on the west side of the square. great breakfast!! you walk through the bookstore to get to it. check it out! YWAM Antigua has a coffee shop there too.

  4. hey marko!
    mac just got back from ten days in guatemala with some guys from our church. (vineyard central)
    he spent some time in guat. city… visiting a gang prison and a shanty town called la limonada where they built bathrooms and helped at a school.

    hope you and max have a wonderful time!

  5. I just got back from 10 days in Guatemala working with the America Latina school in Guatemala City doing a medical clinic in San Pablo on Lake Atilan. We stayed in San Pedro. What a beautiful country and beautiful people!! God bless your time there!!

  6. I live in Guatemala. Hope you help us learn how to deal with the growing gap here before it becomes as sad and pronounced as it is in Europe and America

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