off to ireland

i’m heading off on a four-stop trip of good stuff, but a bit too much. early today, i fly to belfast with my dad. i’ll be speaking this weekend at a junior high event for the presyberian church of ireland. but my dad and i have rented a car, and will drive around ireland for a few days together. flying back to the states next tuesday, i fly straight to grand rapids, for a day of meetings and a presentation to the staff of zondervan. then straight on to the national youth workers convention in st. louis. from there, i head back to grand rapids, for a couple more days of meetings at zondervan, and head home the night of november 6. quite a run.

i’m really looking forward to the time with my dad, and jeannie and max will be with me in st. louis, which will be great.

i expect my blogging to be quite light over the next week or so!

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  1. Hey Marko-all the guys here in Ireland are really looking forward to having a lot of good craic with you. Enjoy the West Coast first of all, and then see you in Coleraine! Safe journey.

  2. Sounds like you have quite a fun trip planned. Coleraine is definitely one of the prettiest/coolest towns in NI.

    I have no idea how you keep up such a schedule!

  3. I’m feeling a bit tired this morning just after attending the convention, let alone running the thing. You are hard-core to be flying out of town already. Not to be all “accountability guy” but weren’t you supposed to be slowing down?

  4. May God give you strength as you serve Him and may you find time to rest amongst this busy time.

  5. I just want to say thank you for you seminar on the new vision during the San Diego conference. It was very eye opening and caused me to really look at my Jr. High ministry and kids in a whole new way. I really liked how you challenged everyone to think outside their comfort zone and create a goal so high that if obtained could change your ministry forever.
    Thank You,

  6. Hi Marko,

    This is nametagless Mary from the Book Club. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the the discussion on Primal Teen. I am super excited to actually read the book now. Have a safe trip.


  7. marko,

    i would be interested in hearing your opinion about what a college senior should do if he/she is looking towards getting into ministry. What sort of entry point should he/she take.

    I just spent an hour browsing through the YS job bank site and found several youth ministry positions that i found very appealing, but they require “experience.” How does one get “experience?”


  8. adam — go to school to get trained as a youth worker. on the ys site, click the academic tab. look at the list of schools with a youth ministry degree in the YSASN list. do your research, they are NOT all equal!

    while in school, work internships. that will give you experience.

  9. not sure where you are headed on your drive around ireland but if you are in the dublin area we’d love to have you in for a cup of tea or a meal. we’ve been doing youth work for a few years in the dublin area and have been following your blog for a while too. either way, enjoy your trip

  10. hey john — lovely of you to ask us to tea. unfortunately, i don’t think we’ll make it to dublin. i wish we had time to swing past gendaloch, and through dublin, but i don’t think we do.

  11. Have a great trip. sounds like fun. I will try and look you up at St Louis just to say hi. Normally my wife and I would have gone to San Diego, but my wife is head of the multimedia for the women’s ministry at the church and their retreat got moved and therefore a conflict. We decided it would be fun to go to St Louis and signed up. As it turned out we will be the only people from our church that will attend NYWC this year (normally they send 15 – 20 people).

  12. are you going to northern ireland?

    I went there back a couple years ago. stunning place. I helped out at the East Belfast mission. There is this guy named Glen Jordan, great guy…

    you should check out the Anstrom Coast (prob spelled wrong), however it is one the greatest places I have ever seen…

  13. hey marko

    this is matthew from rcf in reno, i dunno if you remember me, but i was the irish guy who was wearing the ben harper shirt last year when you guys came to practice the core?!

    i was at san diego with a group and had great fun (mainly at the beach, if im honest!)

    anyways, i was just wondering if you guys were stopping through reno again this year…and also if you short on anywhere to stay in the beautiful isle…i could maybe hook you up!

  14. jim e – yeah, antrim coastline. that’s where we’ll be this weekend. lovely place – been there many times.

    matthew – hey, yeah, i remember you! thanks for the offer – i hope we’ll be good to go. we’re going without reservations or even really plans, other than that we need to be in coleraine friday evening through sunday noon!

  15. Totally jealous! Enjoy your time abroad! I was blessed with the chance to spend a few weeks in Scotland when I was sixteen…

    You simply must try Orange Fanta while you’re there. American Fanta is a pale imitation of the brilliant Fanta they have in Europe.

    I’ve had a couple of (now) favorite students of mine bring it back for me after there european trips — and my own sister spent close to a hundred dollars bringing back Fanta to me from her trip this summer. It’s an obsession, a passion! You won’t regret it!

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