6 thoughts on “off to mount hermon”

  1. Marko- I’m not even sure what to write. That was probably one of the best airport stories I’ve heard in years. Have a great time in NorCal. I’m not going up to YS this year so let’s try and hook up with some peeps and have lunch sometime this fall. I’ll talk to Jason about grabbing you (in a nice place) about lunch.

  2. Rats! I wish I would have known. Would have loved to drive up and go to the Fountain and bought you something! I love Mt. Hermon and love that I am 45 minutes from there. You should have flown into San Jose…much closer!

  3. marko, your story is interesting. it’s interesting to think that you have taisted a bit of what some women go through often. these things happen everywhere for us, the grocery store, school, coffee shopes. it’s interesting to hear your fear as you entered that airpot agian. this validates some of my fears. i’m feeling like if something like this scares a man, no wonder i’m a litte scared and on edge when i go out of my house. i do my best to not let it control my freedom, but it’s always in the back of my mind. i think it’s interesting also that all the responses (which are from men) all thought it was funny, while i thought it was a bit humorous, it also hit something way deep inside me that couldn’t laugh. it just made me realize that men don’t really have this sort of thing happen to them often and maybe that’s why i have often been dismissed of my fears from men. when a woman tells of her interaction with a freak other women want to rip the man to shreds. well, those are just some noticings i had…

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