off to NYC

jeannie and i are heading to new york for our 20th anniversary tomorrow, and i’ve promised her i won’t bring my computer, won’t blog, won’t check email (even on my phone). so… my blog silence will continue until early january. i can’t remember the last time i haven’t checked email, anywhere in the world. but this is for a good cause! happy new year!

6 thoughts on “off to NYC”

  1. I was in NYC for my first anniversary on Labor Day this year. It was my first time there. Best city in the world…no finer place to spend an anniversary. Happy anniversary, my friend.

  2. Have a blast! Jill and I went there this summer to see/meet Dave Matthews (awesome!) and loved it. I assume you’ve been there before, but if not, have fun figuring out the subway!

  3. 20 years, huh? As one wise man used to put it, skip the seminars… lock yourself in your room… and order in some grape juice.

    Or something like that.

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