oh, bj thomas, what did we do to you?

he was a reasonably big music star. then he became a christian. and we put him on the platform and wrote books about him and cranked out cds of his new god music.

dude, we trashed him.

we used bj thomas like a commodity: star testimony in a can. kinda like spam, but with less nutrition.

and where is he now? well, last year, he headlined — really — the lewisburg goat festival. really. the event slogan was “Bring Your Goats and Come on Home”. really.

2 thoughts on “oh, bj thomas, what did we do to you?”

  1. we’re now doing the same thing to brian welch. i guess eternally it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, but such a shame in the short run.

  2. And so, I assume that we will be seeing B.J. at the next National Youth Workers Convention. I mean, after all, if you care enough to point out this problem, and I agree with you Marc, then shouldn’t someone with the ability to correct an injustice step up and take action?

    Actually, it would be really cool if someone could just reach out to these folks too. I don’t know if B.J. got wealthy “doing Christianity” (sorry for the quotes, I just needed to work them in somewhere) like some have, but if we abused him, we need to restore and help heal.

    We were in New Orleans this year right before Mardie Gras, and ran into a jazz singer who had just come off the Christian witnessing circuit, and she was just completely rung out on churchianity. Her testimony is still strong and full, and we had a great time together, but now she is an entertainer who sings jazz and such, and also tells of the wonder and love of her heavenly Father. We saw her at a public park on Bourbon Street. It was great hearing some old jazz songs, and sad to have some college kid puking his guts out just 10 feet away. The clash of the spiritual battle we face. She also involved us in her testimony, and we were given opportunities to talk with others at her show.

    Maybe we just need to stop with celebrity, and celebrate together as the body. At least that then includes talentless folks like me. :)

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