51UQA3RJNiL-_AA240_.jpgi saw an amazing movie on the flight up to vancouver the other day, called once, starring Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová.

it’s the story of a dublin busker (hansard) who works in his aging father’s vacuum repair store during the day, but hits the streets of dublin daily to play his guitar and sing his songs. he befriends a young immigrant single mother (irglova), who soon becomes his musical partner, foil and muse. both are in strained relationships (he with a former girlfriend who has moved to london, and she with a disinterested husband who didn’t move to dublin with her) and work to figure those out in the midst of their growing friendship and potential romance. the ending is honest, not predictable, and definitely not hollywood.

the two are both (in real life) actual musicians, and all the songs in the movie are their own. hansard is an amazing song-writer, and i have fallen in love with the songs (and downloaded the soundtrack from itunes). irglova has a beautiful voice, and is a captivating actor, bringing a fresh innocence that is spellbinding.

the movie is actually billed as a “musical”, because they perform many full-length versions of songs throughout. the songs are so good, i found myself ready with anticipation for the next song (whereas, in many “musicals” on film, the songs seem like filler). the movie won the audience choice award at sundance last year, and i can see why. i totally want to watch it multiple times.

find this movie. buy it from amazon if you have to. it really is worth it.

8 thoughts on “once”

  1. It’s one of my favorite movies of the year. Actaully just listened to the soundtrack (for like the 100th time) yesterday.

    Sorry you didn’t get to see it in the theatre, just for the sound. The DVD releases on Dec 18th. I’m definatly going to pick it up.

    Glen and Marketta, were on KCRW (an LA radio station) if you go to kcrw.com and search the “morning becomes eclectic” archives they have their appearence on the show.

    Glad to hear you liked it so much.

  2. Loved the movie! Saw it at the “dollar show” here in Eugene, OR not really knowing what to expect. What a breath of fresh air! I too bought the soundtrack on itunes.
    Hansard & Irglova just finished the tour “The Swell Season.” Good stuff!

  3. Thanks for this lead, I’m always looking for non-Hollywood movies, especially when it gives me the chance to listen to Irish accents. :)

  4. great movie… i saw glens band The Frames, play in Belfast a fwe weeks ago, and marketa came out and sang with him… was class

  5. This is actually my favorite movie of all times. I saw it twice in the theater and I never do that. Can’t wait for the DVD. And I second Chris Long’s vote for “The Frames.” They’re good stuff too.

    You have good taste!

  6. Marko, you need to get Glen and Marketa’s CD “The Swell Season.” I find it to be even better than the soundtrack.

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