one final summer family fling

this morning, my fam and i drive to sedona, arizona, for a final week of chillin’. ‘cept we won’t actually “chill” very much, since it’s in the high 90s there each day (not as bad as the phoenix area), unless we really crank the air on our timeshare condo. we’re planning on going horseback riding one day, taking a day-trip to the grand canyon another day (which jeannie and i have seen a dozen times, but our kids were pretty young when they saw it last), going to slide rock one day, and, otherwise, hanging out, reading books, playing games, swimming, and sleeping.

i also have to make some major headway on my writing. i had 1/2 of two books to write in 2 months, which, according to my brilliant math mind, is roughly 1/2 of one book per month. the end of the month is coming up, and i’m 15 chapters out of 38 into the first book.

blog posts will be, i suspect, commensurately lighter in quantity.

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  1. I love Arizona. My wife and I are looking at moving back to the States to work on the programing team at UCYC, a camp in Prescott (just south of Sedona). The mountain biking is great in that area, give it a shot. Cheers.


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