one of the benefits of staying in youth ministry for a long time

last night, i performed the wedding for a girl who was in my junior high ministry about 12 years ago at lake avenue church in pasadena. great kid, she was our babysitter for a couple years when liesl was young. and liesl even stayed at their home a couple times when jeannie and i went out of town. the girl – kelly – has a younger brother and sister who both went through our ministry also. and i was reminded last night that i baptised their entire family, including the parents.

i saw kelly one time in the past dozen years, when i preached at lake avenue about three or four years ago. so it was rather out-of-the-blue when she contacted me about doing her wedding.

amazing stuff: that a 12 or 13 year-old kid would, 12 years later, still choose a wingnut of a youth worker like me to play such a significant role in her adult life. lots of high school pastors i know get this privilege all the time — but it’s not as common for us junior high guys.

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  1. Yeah it is cool. I had the opportunity to be a best man in one of my junior high kids wedding. I asked him why me? He laughed and said you made a difference in my life.

  2. Youth work is amazing – especially when you’ve been there for the long haul. I’ve been hanging around the “kids” for 25+ years. To all the ROOKIES – hang in there.

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