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love, love, love this. a blog devoted to one sentence stories. oh, and they have to be true stories (for this site, that is). it takes a bit of thinking to develop a story in one sentence, something with a bit of teeth, with character(s), with an arch (or the tease of an arch).

here are a handful of my favorite examples from the site:

I learned to believe a person when they say, “Trust me, that’s flammable.”

If there was ever a good time to stop drinking, it was this morning when I woke up next to a woman in a giraffe costume.

If I had known I was going to accidentally turn my head to face yours at just the right moment, I would have chosen a much more romantic setting than a Walgreen’s parking lot.

As the man sitting next to me on the plane bragged about how he had died three times, I crossed my fingers and quietly prayed for us to land before number four.

oh, this one is great — so rarely can so few words tell so much:

My spare tire was also flat.

and, here are a few of my own – true stories from my own life!

It was an unfortunate moment to realize i was losing my grip on the flagpole rope, as i looked up at the sleeping bag containing my friend.

Standing in front of a classroom containing the girl i was wooing, in a school that was not my own, i knew there was no backing out once i sang the first note.

When the smell from the battery was too much to bear, we pulled a stick of deoderant from a duffel bag and swiped it across the skin just under our noses.

come on — let’s make this a contest! add your own as a comment, and i’ll award a “ys book of your choice” award to the best one! i’ll close the contest and announce a winner wednesday night.

(ht to neatorama)

and the winner is…
this was really hard! there were so many fantastic ones – 7 of us are on a ys leadership team retreat, and i kept reading them to everyone as they came in as blog-generated emails to my blackberry.

so, tough call, but i’m going to give it to kristi, for:
As an 8th grade girl walked in from the yard with her teeth in her hands, I realized that 8 people jumping on one trampoline was not the brightest idea.

let me know what book you want, kristi.

66 thoughts on “one sentence true stories”

  1. And that is when I realized that spraying a 2 foot wasp nest with a garden hose is not a good idea.


    Just because there is no sign that says a mountain bike can not go down a tubing hill, doesn’t mean it is a good idea to lead a group of students downhill.

  2. Ice fishing near Flin Flon Manitoba, it’s -30C and Marlo didn’t bring the matches.

  3. No, that woman with her face pressed flat against the McDonald’s glass window is not my mother.

  4. When you say that the email went to everyone and not just you, do you mean everyone INCLUDING the peson it was about?

  5. In the brief moment before light dawned I thought, “Why are all these women in the men’s bathroom?”

  6. As the prongs of the rake poked through my foot I realized it was a bad idea to jump off the tractor.

    Letting go of the throttle is really hard when your being dragged across the backyard.

    Not remembering how I drove home was rather sobering.

  7. As the Sr. Pastor’s son slipped and crashed into the door I decided to pause the water-gun fight to let the puddles in the church dry up.

    Forgetting his mic was already on, his offer to “turn on” his friend was misunderstood by the congregation.

    Your the perfect Daddy for me, even though you don’t always get things right. (loving words to me by my 6 year old)

  8. The first day of middle school is a rough day to learn about the “no shorts” rule at your new school, especially when they are baby blue with yellow trimmed pockets.

    Having chosen not to take snow skiing lessons, I just barely remembered how to fall as I headed toward the grill of the truck in the parking lot.

    I do not advise skiing black diamond runs at night.

  9. As I proudly pulled ahead in the country road drag race, I wondered “where did the road go ?”

  10. Exploring the remote summer camp grounds, we discovered first floor was our kitchen and meeting space, second floor was guys and girls rooms, and the third floor was inhabited by bats.

  11. Okay, I’m catching up on my blog reading, so forgive me for this very late opinion…but that one sentence story about wooing the young lady with song, needs more sentences. I’m sure all your readers would love to hear how it turned out.

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