overheard at my 6th grade guys’ small group

last night, only 8 showed up. and since it has been a brutally busy week for me, and my co-leader wasn’t there, that was a bit o’ grace from god.

they are still so amazingly squirrelly. so chatty. at some point, while sharing highs and lows and reminding them for the fiftieth time to respect each other by not talking over each other, i remembered an old trick my friend mindi godfrey used to use with her girls’ small group — you can only talk when you’re holding the stuffed animal. i thought it might just be dorky enough to work. and, the stuffed animal i had in a drawer was my trusty ‘what would jesus do?’ bear. this is a very special bear, because he has a little button you push, and a cutesy little voice says in the most smarmy, christiany way possible, “what would jesus do?” but, the particular bear i have (rooted out from the bottom of the bin at a wall-mart years ago), has the little button in the wrong place. instead of squarely and chastely in the belly or chest (where the other bears in the bin had their buttons), to get this bear to say the magic words, you have to push the button in his crotch.

of course, the guys got a huge kick out of this. but, it did allow some some sliver of control on who was speaking.

there weren’t as many choice quotes last night; but a handful of goodies, word-for-word:

me: what was the best thing about the last week?
6th grade guy: shooting a whole bunch of doves!

another response to the same question: the devilicious food truck came to our apartments and served us cubano sandwiches with bacon, bacon, and more bacon.

we talked about galatians 5:22-23 and the fruit of the spirit, and i taught them a silly little way (with hand motions) to memorize the verse. when one guy was trying to recite it, he got it almost perfect, but after nailing the list of the fruit, ended with: against such things there is no redeeming quality.

best moment. i asked what the difference was between goodness and kindness. the response: goodness is making the right choice whether or not someone’s looking, but kindness is goodness you do for someone else.

6 thoughts on “overheard at my 6th grade guys’ small group”

  1. Some of the deepest statements made are from kids who aren’t trying to be deep, just honest. I like it.

  2. Many NA indigenous people’s use something like a talking stick when meeting together. The stick goes around the circle and if you have something to say you may speak once you are in possession of the stick. That everyone who wishes to speak is heard.

  3. Gotta agree with @Robb….
    Love that you have a crotch-button bear.

    By the way, looks like things are well for you. It’s been a while since our partnership with you, Tick, Mindy, and the YS gang. Looks like we’ve all moved to new things. Hit me up if (when) you’re back in NC.

  4. Suggestion from a teacher website- each kid gets a lego or block. They have to throw their block in the bucket when they have said something. Then see how many blocks from the bucket you can stack up. The goal being the tallest tower which means every kid contributed!

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