overheard at my 6th grade guys’ small group

not as much this week, but worth passing along…

when asked, “what should be on the list of best christmas gifts?”:
“a box of happiness”
“fruitcake: but only if it’s moist and chunky”
“baked goods”
“a target gift card”
“$100 to The Brigantine” (the brig is a nice seafood restaurant in our area. a very strange answer from a 6th grade guy!)

my co-leader was sharing the story of simeon, the man who, reported in luke 2, was waiting for the messiah, and got to hold baby jesus at the temple. one of the guys threw his hand in the air and started “ooh-ooh-oohing”:
“i wonder if, when he was holding jesus, he held him up and went all ‘Nants ingonyama bagithi baba'” (a lion king reference, from when musafa holds up baby simba at pride rock)

and, the ‘yup, this is why i do this’ reminder, from when we were sharing prayer requests:
“pray that i’ll get more mature. i need god to help me grow up.”

oh, and the two atomic squirrels in the photo? we took the guys out for frozen yogurt, on a very chilly san diego evening. one of them joked that since it was cold, he should eat it outside with his shirt off (yup). i dared him. two of them went for it, and kept their shirts off, while eating frozen yogurt, outside, for 45 minutes.

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  1. Very funny. Thought I’d share recent comments at one of our youth group meetings (we only have middle schoolers). I’m the pastor of our church, but I help out with our youth group, because I enjoy working with youth. Our youth Bible teacher was talking about salt and light and asked the kids for characteristics of salt and light. Here’s some of what they came up with:

    Salt: dehydrates you, makes you have high cholesterol, clogs your arteries
    Light: blinds you, it’s what you see when you die, tans you

    Our teacher has never worked with youth before this group, but I’m proud of him. He handled it about as well as one could! :)

  2. Alright! Packers fans in the making. Of course, cold in San Diego would be, what – 60 degrees?

  3. Still amazed by and love the honestly of middle schoolers…

    – “pray that i’ll get more mature. i need god to help me grow up.”

    May that be our prayer as well.

  4. Ha ha. Atomic squirrel. He still thinks he’s funny and would likely do it again without a dare :)

  5. Marko,

    Will you be visiting MI this Christmas? I was going to buy you a coffee last time I saw you were up this way and then you got super sick and ended up in hospital. I would still love to buy you that coffee! Let me know.

    Phil <

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