overheard at my 6th grade guys small group

wednesday evening was the first official 2012 meeting for my 6th grade guys small group (last weds we had an all-church gathering to kick off the new year). i commented to the guys that we were already 1/6th through our 3-year journey together. feels like it’s only been a few weeks.

we had a full contingency of 12 guys. i had to get extra chairs from the house (we meet in my little back house/office). and let me make this perfectly clear: twelve 6th grade guys is just too many for anything with “small” in the name. maybe that’s why our junior high pastor renamed them “growth groups” this year — her sneaky little way of making them as large as she wants!

a few juicy, word-for-word comments worth mentioning:

(said with massive excitement)
“we got a cat, and i don’t normally like cats, but i can’t get enough of her!”

dude 1: “…and my last present was…”
dude 2, interrupting: “did you just say ‘My Little Pony’?”

“My low point in one word: SOPA”
(whoa, from a 6th grade guy who is clearly more news-aware than most of the readers of this blog (yes, i’m guessing that some of you are thinking, “what’s that?”))

(we had a new guy join our group, named angel. a couple of the guys go to school with him, and know him. from one of those guys…)
“wait, angel, you have a younger brother named angel too! what were your parents thinking, naming TWO of their kids ‘angel’?!?!”
(btw: angel’s younger brother is not named angel.)

and, the saddest and sweetest stab-in-the-heart comment of the night, uttered independently by three of the guys:
“the high point of my christmas holiday was that i got to see my dad.”

7 thoughts on “overheard at my 6th grade guys small group”

  1. Sounds like you’re listening Mark. So great to hear these comments.

    Also, it looks like I’m the only one signed up for Vancouver, or are there more coming?

    Philip – Student Venture

  2. These are getting to be my favorite posts on your blog :) The things they say are really priceless…That last comment is incredibly sad by the way, and yet very telling…God bless you in what you do for these guys!

  3. last one is definitely sad (and is 1/4 of your group)…also means statistically another 3 either experienced but didn’t state the same thing or might have said something more like “I HAD to see my dad”

  4. overheard by my Junior High son (in my youth group) over Sunday lunch this week…

    me: were you listening today (because he had something that seemed to indicate he had)
    him: sorry dad, I was too busy reading my Bible

    I’ll take that one as a win. You can ignore me and read your Bible anytime you want to son.

  5. Love this stuff Marko. Sometimes I need a good laugh to remind of the joy that comes from this calling to work with middle schoolers. I thought I’d just add a few from my small group last night…

    -We were talking about Peter (the disciple) facing fears and stepping out of the boat, and one of our ADD 7th graders pipes in, “Wait, you mean Peter Pan? Because he was crazy flying out of that window!”

    -I asked the students what fears they had overcome in their life. One student says, “I’m terrified of spiders, but I killed one the other day.” We nodded in approval and asked them how they killed it. In reply, they said, “I grabbed a perfume bottle and sprayed it twenty times until it suffocated from the poison.” Chop it up as a victory!…

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