overheard at my 6th grade guys small group

this time around, i just captured one fantastic comment. but it needs a bit of a set-up:

my co-leader, gary, was leading the discussion on (theoretically) what kind of man they guys want to be. he started by having everyone draw little caricatures of ourselves and label them with characteristics and the like. then he intended to make a transition to looking at john the baptist, as an example of someone whose primary focus was that his life would point to jesus. but, in the moment, he made a very, very tiny logic jump, and a 6th grade guy did not let him get away with it!

gary asked: who’s the best man who ever lived?

the guys: jesus (of course)

gary: we’re going to look at a guy named john the baptist, who was jesus’ cousin. and, because he was jesus’ cousin, you know, he’s probably a good example for us also…

6th grade guy: that doesn’t mean anything! my cousin’s good at gymnastics, but that doesn’t mean i am!

hilarious. and, well, accurate. the things middle schoolers won’t let us get away with…

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