overheard at my 6th grade guys small group

yup, more great quotes direct from the minds and mouths of the real life 6th grade guys in my small group, last wednesday night:

during our sharing of the past week’s highs and lows…

“i made a bacon-infused meatloaf!”

“i got a totally awesome new beanie!”

i can’t remember the context for this one, only the quote, which made no more sense to me when it was said than it does now…

“he has a flat-screen in his underwear!”

also, in relation to absolutely nothing…

“i like P I pi, but not P I E pie.” (then he proceeded to recount the number pi to about 8 digits.)

this one was kind of sweet, not the kind of thing i’ll likely hear from these guys when they’re a couple years older…

“instead of my mom throwing a valentine’s party, i locked my mom in a room and decorated the whole house.”

after we’d read a passage that had a few miracles in it…

me: “which of the miracles in that passage do you wish you could have seen?”
6th grade guy: “the dead son being raised.”
me: “why?”
6th grade guy: “because there was a sad widow and it would have been great to see her joy.”

the passage we read also contained jesus’ comparison to four kinds of soil (path, rocky, thorny, good). i asked the guys to reflect on which type of soil they were in this season of their lives…

“i’m like the good soil, because ever since i was born, life has been the best.”

5 thoughts on “overheard at my 6th grade guys small group”

  1. what a great idea for a blog post. i love it.
    is this a series or just something that your write every now and then. i am probably going to steal this idea.
    thanks for sharing this.
    my kids tend to ask more what if questions, but just like your kids – it just sometimes doesn’t make sense – and it doesn’t have to. it just has to be safe to try out ideas. well done.

  2. awesome… lately i’ve been thinking about how necessary it is for me to be telling the stories about what is happening in the lives of our students at church. something like what you just did is a great place to begin. i’m totally stealing this idea–assuming you’re cool with it. ha.

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