overheard at my 7th grade guys small group

yup, it’s a new school year. and my middle school guys small group are now 7th graders.

we have a couple new guys, and haven’t seen a couple from last year; so we’re holding steady at the very non-small number of about 14. more changes this year: we’re meeting at the church, instead of my home. our middle school ministry made the decision to move all the groups to the church so we could have an opening time of worship and connecting. we have a new room for our middle school ministry, actually. i loved our old room — we’d been in it for years. but we just launched a new pre-teen ministry (“edge 56”), which means our 7th and 8th grade ministry (we’re trying not to call it “middle school,” since it doesn’t include 6th grade) shrunk by 33%. so both “edge 56” and riptide (our 7th and 8th grade ministry) got new rooms. they’re pretty sweet, actually.

check out these risers they built for the 7th and 8th grade ministry. i’ve seen my share of youth ministry risers; but these one’s are pretty “young teen ergonomic-friendly.” the students seem to love lounging on them, and they create a great little “amphitheater” of intimacy when it’s time to pull together for worship or teaching.

speaking of worship, check out our ever-evolving junior high worship band. we lost a bunch of now-9th graders (my son included, who played drums), but this new group is doing so much better than i would have expected at this point! and, you gotta love that it’s like 9 kids and 2 adults (you can only see one of the adults in this pic; and they’re really there more as coaches — the students themselves lead).

ok — onto the quotes. i didn’t get much this past week. but i got a couple good ones.

right off the bat, one of the guys came into our meeting space and said loudly: “i DARE you to smell me!”

when we were dismissing, i said to them all: “you guys should come to big church sunday morning… i’m preaching.”
benton responded: “why would i go to big church this sunday morning?… you’re preaching.”

love it.

5 thoughts on “overheard at my 7th grade guys small group”

  1. awesome…every part of this

    and interesting shift to 5th & 6th and (back to?) 7th & 8th (JH then?)
    have the schools around you done something similar with these grades or is it a church move

  2. No, no changes at the schools. They’re mostly 6-8. Some of the charter and private are K-8. This was a developmental decision, really. I’m not a fan of leaving 6th graders in a children’s ministry. But I really love an intentional 5/6 preteen ministry approach.

  3. Love it! Glad to see the series back. Our parish is discussing the need to reach out to 5th grade more intentionally, and we want to create a ministry that does that. By which I mean I keep on telling everyone we need to because all of our kids drop out between 5th and 6th.

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