overheard at my 8th grade guys small group

IMG_3867just a short collection of awesome and/or awkward quotes from my 8th grade guys small group this past week:

8th grade guy: For Halloween, I decided to wear the best costume of all time.
(btw, i don’t even remember what the costume was — it didn’t strike me as all that awesome.)

8th grade guy: In basketball the other day, I swear I was Mickey Mantle.
another 8th grade guy: wait, wasn’t Mickey Mantle baseball?
first 8th grade guy: (look of confusion)

(during one guy’s sharing of highs and lows–or “happy/crappy,” as we’ve come to call it–he interrupted himself, then forgot what he’d been saying…)
another 8th grade guy: I’ve never seen somebody distract himself before.

8th grade guy: That would take SO much self control, which I have none of.
(i don’t remember what this comment was related to, but it cracked me up. and props for self-awareness!)

(we were talking about a commitment to ‘confidentiality’ as an important part of our group…)
8th grade guy: yeah, like, it’s bad to gypsy.
me: gypsy?
8th grade guy: i said ‘gossip.’
three 8th grade guys in unison: you said gypsy!

8th grade guy: Pinterest is tumblr for moms

(i was attempting to unpack the idea of confidentiality. we’d talked about not gossipping. and we’d defined confidentiality and why it’s important. then this happened.)
me: it’s sort of like, this room needs to be Vegas.
8th grade guy: does that mean we’re going to come home from small group with herpes?

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  1. Dude… Warnings on comments like that last one! That was way to freaking funny to be read while eating my Yogurt! I laughed and shot Smari Icelandic Raspberry Yougurt all over my computer screen!

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