overheard in my 6th grade guys small group

a special treat this week in the “overheard” series…

in my 6th grade guys small group, we’re reading through luke and acts. after we read, benton (whom i call benetton to clearly differentiate him from the other ben) often asks if he can summarize or retell one of the stories. they’re always amazing, so i filmed this one.

this is ben retelling the story of stephen going before the sanhedrin, from acts 6:8 – 7:59:

12 thoughts on “overheard in my 6th grade guys small group”

  1. jeremy — there was no “my interpretation”! three of the other guys took turns reading the passage straight out of the book of acts, then he did this!

  2. Good stuff. Nobody can do energy so well and segues so rough as a sixth-grade boy.

  3. I was talking with my 8th grade group last Sunday and asked them if they new the significant days of Holy Week… or as they called is “Palm Week”. Here’s what they came up with…

    Mardi Gras
    Mediocre Wednesday
    Maundy Grande Thursday
    Black Friday

  4. My Sr High Girls small group last night reminded me of this and I wish I had it on video. Retelling the story of Eve by an 11th grade girl included how god “got busy” and created everything and the nudes in the garden and how the punishment for the serpent was that he could never have sex with Eve (because she thought that was what enmity meant). Oh, and she was called woman because when Adam saw her he said “Whoa, man!” and one of the 9th graders asked at least 5 times if that was true. When I said no she asked if I was sure because it sounded legit to her.

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