leading without power, part 1

i don’t think i’m alone when i admit that i’ve had issues with power, probably for most of my life. and it’s strangely paradoxical that my struggle with power (as in, i want it, too much) has played a huge role in me being put in roles where i had power. that twisted reality is, … Continue reading leading without power, part 1

leading without power

when youth specialties asks speakers to do a seminar at the national youth workers conventions, they ask for a handful of possible seminar titles. then tic long chooses the ones that fit the overall mix. i’ve been through this process for 20 years or so, including all the years i worked at ys. so it … Continue reading leading without power

what’s on my “to read” stack, and a recommitment to read

i’ve been a really lousy reader so far this year. other than books published by The Youth Cartel or manuscripts i’ve been asked to endorse, i think i’ve only read one book this year, which i just finished yesterday: malcolm gladwell’s david and goliath. it was great, by the way. but i’m annoyed by how … Continue reading what’s on my “to read” stack, and a recommitment to read

championing hope: a case study

yesterday i posted in my ‘leading without power’ series, suggesting a ‘new powerless leadership’ metaphor of “champion of hope”. and it made me think about some scribbles i wrote for myself a couple weeks ago, after my visit to zappos.com. i spent two days at the zappos insights bootcamp, learning with 25 other business leaders … Continue reading championing hope: a case study

post-national youth workers convention

well, the nywc is almost over. only the final ‘big room’ to go. i’ll be heading down in a few minutes to attend that whole session, in support of my friend tic long. after more than 30 years at ys – most of those years leading the nywc – tic is doing his first-ever general … Continue reading post-national youth workers convention

leadership as facilitating competencies

i’m presenting a seminar at the national youth workers convention this week called “leading without power“. i stole the title from a book i read years ago by leadership guru max depree (author of leadership jazz, and leadership is an art). it’s not depree’s best book, by any stretch. but the title alone has captured … Continue reading leadership as facilitating competencies

youth ministry books i’m always recommending

recently, someone in one of my coaching groups asked me to give a list of 10 or so youth ministry books that everyone should read. there are SO many great youth ministry books that it’s tough to make a good list without knowing the reader’s context and what would be most helpful to her. but, … Continue reading youth ministry books i’m always recommending