pansy kidd middle school

seriously, it’s real. pansy kidd middle school, in poteau, oklahoma.
there’s even a wikipedia article that mentions how they’ve “gone viral” with the pic posted on the fail blog (which just happened in the last few days).

here’s the pic from fail blog:

questions this brings to mind:

1. what do the 6th – 8th grade guys who attend there think of the name of their school? do ANY of them think it’s funny, or are they all in horror?
2. has anyone ever seriously considered changing the name?
3. are there any remaining school board members from when the school’s name was originally approved? if so, they should be kicked off, immediately.
4. is anyone else seriously tempted to order a t-shirt or sweatshirt?
5. the school mascot is the “raiders”. compensating for something?
6. wouldn’t one of my readers has to have a better suggestion for a mascot than “raiders”?

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  1. According to the wiki article, the school is named after two founding teachers from nearly 100 years ago. Those school board members are long gone…

    my suggestion for a new nick name is also compensatory, “the Steers,” based on the quote by Louis Gossett from “An Officer and a Gentleman”

    “…only two things come from Oklahoma, steers and queers. I don’t see any horms so you must be a queer…”

    Sorry, I know that was bad, but my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet!

  2. I think they should just embrace the name, and change the mascot to something like “rose peddles.”

    “and here comes the starting lineup for the 2010 FIGHTING PANSY KIDD ROSE PEDDLES!” (the prep band could play Barry Manilow tunes.. maybe some Yani)

  3. We attend a camp here in California with a room named “Adcock.” Yup. We do Junior High Camp there and we call it the “room below the Cafeteria.” :-)

  4. It was named after a very respected teacher Mrs.Pansy Ingle Kidd I go there so stop making fun of the schools name!!!

  5. Went to school there! Great school. I’m sure we poked fun of the name a time of two as well. But Mrs. Pansy Kidd was a great teacher from what understand. I had great memories from my time spent walking those halls. Learned alot from the dedicated teachers that gave of themselves so we would be better people. Bonds of friendships still strong today almost 30 years later. I’m proud to say “I went to Pansy Kidd Middle School”

  6. Ok I go to this school now u am an 8th grader I live my school yes the name is funny but it’s a great school with great teachers and students. Mrs.pansy kidd was a teacher then a principal. And as for the mascot it follows a line of age the lower grades I can’t remember what we were called the middle school is raiders and the highschool is pirates. And for all of u should be ashamed of yourself for picking on all if the kids it’s very offensive and rude.

  7. I just wanted to say I didn’t go to school there, but my youngest son did. Those of you who do not have anything better to do than to sit and rag on the name of a school because it sounds like a “gay” school, should really find a hobby. If that is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear Pansy Kidd, you should be ashamed. I have lived in OK for 7 years and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  8. People need to grow up .we often wonder what’s has gone wrong with the world and how people can be so cruel . Then I read comments from people like you that take a name of a simple school that was built as a place to help children grow and become important and respected people in the world . Do you think they chose the name of the school no the instead went to the school and take pride in it and are making there memories that will forever build there future . So for you to take and judge the children who go to this school simply based on its name shame on you and reamber it’s people like you that tell kids it’s ok not to take pride In where you are from or what you belive and this may be what’s wrong with people today !! This is just my opion but I am very proud of my kids who will be known as the pansy kid middle school pirates !!

  9. And what genius said steers n que… are from OK everyone knows that’s tx with their most beloved mascot in the entire state is a longhorn
    I was born in poteau it is also home of the WORLD’S highest hill. Try to Google something educational every once in a while

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