paradigm shifters

also see (maybe first), “paradigm stabilizers“.

a list of paradigm shifters, from the gloriously paradigm shifting pages of geez magazine (summer 2007 issue):

1. allow yourself to be thoroughly, extraordinarily, radically bored. resist the regular hustle of life. who knows what you might learn.

2. play with children; dream with the elderly.

3. write a poem; learn a new craft or art form; resist the temptation to compare your work with others, especially with stuff in stores and galleries.

4. go dumpster diving or second-hand shopping; see old as new. better yet, reverse the exercise: bring items back to the thrift store.

5. clean up after others the next time you use a public bathroom. taste the humility in the process. brag about this to friends; just kidding, monitor your self-righteousness.

6. talk differently. maybe slow down your phraseology. or insert the words “like” and “totally” several times in a sentence; pay attention to how that makes you feel.

7. study history.

8. forgo the trip to a less-industrialized country. meet new immigrants from that region; listen to their stories, assist as needed. or, hang out with marginalized people in your community.

9. pick up a book by an author with whom you strongly disagree and read it with interest.

10. visit a church from a strange denomination. better yet, visit a new faith (or no-faith) group and embrace difference.

11. shave your head. wear the same clothes for four days straight. or keep the store-tag on your shirt if you buy a new one.

12. watch your tv for 15 minutes with it turned off. read only words written by women. eat from another person’s plate in a restaurant.

13. put your fork down between every single bite and really eat.

14. the next time a telephone solicitor calls, veer from the script. aim to humanize the encounter; ask him where his office is located; ask her what the weather’s like there.

15. when a clerk or sales rep hands you a savings coupon, hand it back and say, “oh, i don’t need that, i have too much money already.”

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