paradigm stabilizers

paradigm stabilizers, from the summer 2007 issue of geez magazine (a shockingly interesting and beautiful magazine, btw):

1. keep busy.

2. keep moving: travel as much as possible, and when you do, find familiar restaurants.

3. find the most efficient route to work, to school. then don’t stray from your patterns.

4. mingle with like-minded people; avoid cross-cultural, inter-racial, trans-class encounters.

5. make smart financial decisions; consider market forces natural.

6. don’t do anything foolish; avoid awkward situations; avoid danger. get various alarm systems.

7. avoid people who talk to themselves.

8. think nasty thoughts about SUV drivers.

9. watch tv, movies; migrate to four-cornered screens of any kind.

10. like the average north american, spend 90 percent of your time indoors.

(tomorrow, “paradigm shifters”)

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