paris pics, part 2

my 15 year-old daughter, liesl, and i spent 5 days in paris. i’m going to post a 4-parter of my favorite pics from our trip. this one, part 2, are some of my favorite moments from the trip:

after trekking to sacre ceour, and wandering through the fun art community of montmartre, we stopped for crepes at a little cafe.

every morning, we walked a block to a great little bakery and bought yummy and cheap breakfast. liesl really dug the raspberry tort.

after trudging through the louvre, we crashed on the lawn outside (with hundreds of others). it was a beautiful day (better than the sky looks in this pic), and liesl started juggling bubble gum.

the gardens at the rodin museum were absolutely stunning. i loved this pic of liesl standing in front of a little fountain.

i had fond memories of having the best ice cream in the world with jeannie when we were in paris 13 years ago. liesl and i found the same place, on the backside of notre-dame, got double scoops, and sat by the sienne river enjoying the day. i had melon and white chocolate.

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