tonite, our small group is having a christmas party. it’s not your normal church small group. we’re starting at mr. tiki’s — a cool polynesian lounge in the gaslamp quarter of san diego. then we’ll head to ‘the del’ to look at lights, get another drink, and maybe ice skate.

tomorrow is the big dog: the ys staff christmas party. can’t wait. everything but the location is still a surprise — that’s our tradition. all i can say is it’s hawaiian themed, and we have both costume and talent competitions. last year we had a roaring 20s party, complete with a casino. our christmas party is always one of the highlights of the year. it helps that we enjoy being together so much. all our remote staff are in from all over the country, with spouses. ooh!

oh, and tomorrow morning, our middle school worship band makes our raucus debut. could be crunchy.

5 thoughts on “PARTY WEEKEND!”

  1. Once again you make me miss my San Diego days, or should I say daze? Used to hang out in both the gaslamp quarter and the Del!

    Party hard!

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