passing through some kind of surreal vortex, or something

we were driving to london today, and were passing stonehenge. the uber-hip guitar player who was riding along with us called a friend to tell him he was looking at “that thing from the spinal tap movie”. then, i glanced down out my window (we were in a van, fairly high up), as a rolls royce was passing us. i noticed the driver, a 50-something guy, and another person (female: wife? daughter? other?) sitting directly behind him. then i noticed why: he had a surfboard in the car, which was taking up the other front seat and back seat (front seat reclined flat). something about that moment in time — rocker talking to his friend about spinal tap, stonehenge, rolls royce with a surfboard in it — well, i was momentarily humored and disoriented.

3 thoughts on “passing through some kind of surreal vortex, or something”

  1. My wife and I are heading to London next week as an ordination celebration. It’s great to see the pictures. It’s my first trip to Europe so I am looking forward to seeing some stuff that is older than 40 years old.

  2. that is by far my favourite ever stonehenge story. and as someone who has touched the old rocks, walked among them, and lived a slightly smaller stone’s throw from them most of my life, it’s saying something.

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