paying to sit in mud

only a tourist would do this. but it was a riot. the other day we went to a massive geo-thermal area near rotorua, new zealand. the area is called “hell’s gate” (it was given that name by george bernard shaw, of all people), due to the constant bubbling, boiling and sulfurous smoking coming from the ground. it’s really fascinating. the pools of mud and water are different colors, due to different minerals; and they’re varying temperatures also. but most are just below or just above boiling. those that are above boiling temperature don’t actually boil, due to the mineral content.

after walking around the site, we got a private mineral mud bath for our family (followed by a “sulfer spa”). fun family memories!



4 thoughts on “paying to sit in mud”

  1. I’ve been there! Pretty interesting place, although the smell (sulfur) is pretty overwhelming. I didn’t take a bath in the mud, though, and can’t really say I wanted to. Cool to see your family creating memories. JM

  2. nice pic-I’m betting that one will wind up on the YS screen next year at NYWC! It’s priceless. Glad to see you are getting some much needed family time and vacation! Praying for you guys!

  3. Your “muddy” photo is a dead ringer for Salvador Dali……Surreal and all. Sounds like you are enjoying the trip. JU

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