i have an admission to make: i’m a peeps fanatic. for you outside the u.s., or those who have been living in caves for some number of years (which, to be honest, can be synonymous with living within the evangelical subculture), a “peep” is a wad of marshmallow, shaped into a festive holiday shape, and covered with brightly colored sugar. i’ll admit, peeps are the absolute pinacle of hedonistic stupidity. but they have integrity. they never try to pass themselves off as “good for you”.

of course, the original peeps are called peeps because they’re little chicks, yellow enough to blind you, and released just in time, each year, for use in easter baskets. peeps in the shape of bunnies have been around for a long time also (though there’s something oddly wrong about calling a bunny a peep).

now, of course, peeps are pretty much available year ’round. shaped like american flags for independance day, snowmen for christmas, you name it. but i still have a soft and gooey spot in my heart for the original easter shapes. nothing like stuffing a couple fresh ones in your mouth — extra soft and gooey — then leaving the others on the kitchen counter for a few hours to gain that nifty crispness that comes from exposure to the air.

we brought easter-basket goodies with us this week for our vacation (we’re actually in the denver airport as i write, 2/3 the way to our destination). we plan on hiding a few plastic-eggs-full-o’-goodies each day for the kids to find. peeps are in the suitcase (i think, if i remember correctly, they’re the yellow bunny variety). when i saw them, i asked jeannie if she’d bought them for me. she said i could have half of them. i think that’s six, or maybe eight. i can’t wait!

anyhow… all that to say: even for a peep afficianado like myself, this seems to be going too far. martinis made with peeps. it’s peep cruelty, if you ask me. someone should start a lobbying group.

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  1. I prefer them stale, so I buy them after easter when they are cheap and let those things age.

    I also put them in the microwave and joust them whenever I can!

  2. i too prefer them stale and will only eat them at easter…none of this Halloween or Christmas craziness…just good ole yellow peeps. the peeptini is crossing the line in a major way!!!!

  3. Did you know that your body absorbs all the sugar from Peeps, therefore making it possible to consume unlimited quantities of the gooey goodness. I saw it on Malcolm once…
    BTW, they have found a way to cross the border into teh Great White North.

  4. Dude, seriously…stale peeps? I am crazy-go-nuts about my peeps, sometimes I keep them in a plastic baggy after tearing open a box, just to keep them fresh, soft and gooey. But normally they don’t last that long. I love the bunnies, starting with the ears.

    Here in Kansas though, there is a lot of confusion over the word peeps. I know most of you don’t understand the urban language like we do here in K-town, but peeps has a totally different meaning here. As in, I’ve been kickin it Reba-style out in the wheat fields with my peeps. But that’s another story altogether.

  5. I grew up in Ohio for the most part. They have something similiar to Peeps (they sell Peeps also), anyhow, I cannot remember the name or the brand at the moment, but they come in a purple box, and there are always three rows (white bunnies, yellow chicks, and pink bunnies), they are only available at Easter and ten times, if not one hundred times better than Peeps. I wish they sold them in California!

  6. i’ve been living in europe for 6 years now, and my mother supplies me with a constant supply of peeps at various holidays (sad, i know). and as much as i like them, i always try and share the love when i have the chance. but there are very few takers – i think maybe 2 people in europe so far have liked peeps and they were both under 10 (and now their mom doesn’t trust me, either!). nevertheless, i will keep trying to spread the good news.

  7. My two oldest are in college and I plan on sending them some Easter candy, Peeps included, as this is the first year they have not been home for Easter; last year my son was home on spring break. I know they’ll appreciate it this year, but I don’t know about next year- Son will be moving into a fraternity house. Even though it’s “dry”, with the reputation at his school of being the “Gentlemen’s” fraternity, I don’t think getting bunnies and chickies from his mommy would go over well…

    One Easter we were traveling to visit grandparents, and I took the candy on the way too, as you’re doing. We were driving, the sun shone into a window and the chocolate bunnies melted- kids ate them anyway!


  8. You have a very kind wife. I won’t let Scot have any of these; well, at least I don’t let them into the house. He may indulge elsewhere which he steadfastly denies.

  9. Before this post the only person I knew who loves peeps is my wife. Bringing peeps home to her gets better results than roses. No more Scotch or cigars coming from me to you, Marko, in the future – it will be Peeps. They are much cheap, cheap, cheaper…

  10. I haven’t had a peep in ages…but when I was working for my college after I graduated, our Director of Development bought peeps after Easter and floated them in the sink/toilet in the men’s bathroom, hid them all over the VP of Unv. Relations’ office, etc. It was a kick!

  11. Count me in the lovin’ peeps (both the marshmallow and the human kind, Sean) BUT Target (pronounced Tar-jay) has special edition red ones that are just evil looking! Small picture here

  12. But Tammie, don’t forget that Target is of the devil!

    Marko, not sure if you’re reading this up there, but I have some news on whether or not this is the final season of 24. If you want to be “spoiler-free” don’t check it out, but otherwise you can read it here

  13. Oh bleah!
    Sorry my brothers and sisters but peeps are just about the grossest thing I know.

    Of course on the other hand I like Spam.


  14. Yeah…my kids got some peeps this weekend. You really can’t beat sugar-coated sugar. When I was in AZ once I saw a peeps-mobile bus sort of thing. It had a giant peep attached to the hood! Crazy stuff.

  15. I preached an Easter message this past Sunday using Peeps, the Da Vinci Code, and the whole Bible… somehow it all worked – I think it was the Peeps. :)

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  17. Hi –

    I created the peepdrinks website, with some friends, back in 2006, and I had no idea how many people (peeple?) had seen it! Thanks for the mention on your blog, and of course I invite you to come check out the “new and improved” 2011 edition!

    -Aaron Sylvan

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