pensacola, x3

this morning, my wife and kids and i fly to pensacola, FL (my third weekend in a row flying there, in the strangest travel quirk of the year for me), then drive over to gulf shores, AL. my grandma’s funeral is tomorrow, and our extended family is flying in from all over the country. we’re a pretty close family (for an extended family), and well more than half of us were together at christmas a month ago (with my grandma, by the way). so there will be lots of laughter and joy mixed in with the remembering and grieving and celebration of her life.

we couldn’t get out sunday night, so we’ve flying home monday. i was supposed to start a personal silent retreat sunday night, but i’ve pushed it back 24 hours.

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  1. be sure to stop by the flor/bama for me. those are my old stomping grounds. shrimp basket, mikee’s, waterville. that’s old school.

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