phase two of my three-part willow creek encounter

last week, in dc, i spent time with good friends jeanne and jarrett stevens. jeanne just stepped down as one of the youth pastors at willow, and jarrett stepped down as the teaching pastor of the newly defunct axis service for 20-somethings at willow. they’re moving to hot-lanta, where jarrett will be the teaching pastor (or lead pastor or whatever — lead architect if he wants a title that’s mcmanus-y and martoia-y) of 722, the 20-something gathering at northpointe community church.

this coming weekend, scot and kris mcknight will be vacationing for a couple nights at casa oestreicher. scot and kris attend willow, so they’re part 3 of my willow odyssey.

i’m in the midst of a wonderful “part deux”. scott rubin is a great friend, and the junior high pastor at willow. he’s attended our junior high pastors summit every year since the beginning (since “the year of the prostitute” — but that’s another story). scott and his family (wife lynette, sons tanner, dawson and brock) are on a one-month cross-country driving trip. and they’re spending a full week here in san diego, using our house as a launch pad. it’s a great thing for us, since they’re also house-sitting (and pet-sitting) for us while we’re camping this coming week. but this weekend we get to hang together. the five kids (his three, our two) are all in the pool right now, as are scott and lynette.

viva la willow!

2 thoughts on “phase two of my three-part willow creek encounter”

  1. I shall always remember “the year of the P” in Monterey – if it wasn’t so weird, it would somehow make a really great and gripping sermon story that I would love to tell.

  2. Careful Marko you might get sucked in to the machine. I seem to remember you going from being a Junior High Pastor to an Executive Pastor overnight. Not to far of a jump for you to go from El Cajon to running one of the largest churches in the US. :) Have fun camping.

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