photo in need of a caption

best caption gets a book of your choosing (a ys book, that is)…


the real story on this photo

(ht to bobbie)


ok, let me just start off this list of contenders by admitting something: i didn’t even think of the reality that this photo would be an easy target for “ass” jokes. seriously, didn’t even cross my mind. shows you how pure as the driven snow i am. innocent as a baby. and, wow, did you guys ever go for it on that one! i was tempted to not include any contenders that went for the “ass” angle, but there are one or two that actually made me laugh out loud. but i’m with the person who said it was the easy answer (even though i didn’t think of it — so i’m both pure AND simple). here’s the evolving list of the top contenders, from my point of view:

Do these lambs make my hips look big??? (cameron)

…the ass and lamb kept time, pa rum pum pum pum. (patrick) (ysmarko: a truly legit use of the word “ass”)

Texas schools decide they should change thier “No Kid Left Behind” policy… (molly)

Option #3 for next year’s YS convention bag. (ginny)

I had a dream the other night,there were 2 sets of hoof prints in the sand… (joe troyer) (ysmarko: fantastic, absolutely fantastic)

Fear not–the Bush housing initiative has been tested on animals. (mandy)

Sometimes Joe Volunteer was an ass, but he was great with the sixth graders. (cory) (ysmarko: ok, this was one of the “ass” uses that made me laugh out loud)

“Now all I need are some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” (ginny) (ysmarko: purely for the “oh, i get it!” factor”. that’s a wildly imaginative thought process you’ve got there, ginny.)

All the other sheep looked away as if they didn’t want a ride also. (ben)

lots of extremely funny responses on this one. but i’m gonna give it (with a little help from people in my house who gave their input) to ben, for the last-minute entry, “all the other sheep looked away as if they didn’t want a ride also.”

shoot me an email, ben.

84 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. My four year old said this about the picture…

    That donkey hates cows, and that’s why he fights the sheep.


  2. Lambchop was so pretentious she even got a limo in Bolivia.

    or (I can’t believe nobody said this…)

    Is that a lamb in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

  3. After reading 7 Practices of Effective Ministry, Purpose Driven Shepherding, and In a Pit with a Lamb on a Snowy Day Eeyore decides to embark on a different career path and leaves the 100 acre woods.

  4. Despite wanting not to Ameria-centric YS couldn’t rationalize inserting the most popular youth ministry mame in Argentenia into the next game book.

  5. Chairperson of the Elder board: “So we sold the church van, but we have a cheaper alternative, here is a photo for you. We already purchased it so I hope you can figure things out. Oh and Merry Christmas!!”

  6. This is a Public Service Anouncement: Ass’s Everywhere Beware! There is a generation of dingleberry emerging also know as “lambyberrys”. If indeed you were to have one of these “cling on’s from uranus,” don’t be deceived they are armed and dangerous! Proceed with caution.

  7. Despite wanting not to be Amerian-centric YS couldn’t rationalize inserting the most popular youth ministry game in Argentenia into the next game book. (I need to read better and type slower) :-)

  8. It just goes to show you that the Enemy will go to any lengths to steal away Christ’s sheep from the fold!!

  9. after bringing her little lamb to school one day and being suspended, Mary slipped into a life of crime becoming a mule for the Medellin Cartell, smuggling sheep across the boarder of Columbia.

  10. After journeying to Bethlehem and later entering Jerusalem, Breylan the Donkey retired out to pasture where twice a year he gives rides to all the children…

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