photo in need of a caption

i might have thought this was photoshopped, but it was on neatorama with a little story about where it exists. best caption wins the ys book of your choice.



Riding a Thin Line Between Mercy and Justice (chad miller)

Clowns to the left of me!
Jokers to the right!
Here I am stuck in the middle with you. (jeff moulton)

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to NBC’s continuing coverage of the Tour de Fear Factor! (ben)

Mormons have their own lane? (brian aaby)

Further proof of Big Oil’s commitment to promote using fewer non-renewable resources. (dan)

When Stuart Little flexes his municipal muscle, Holland listens! (mike)

Kramer strikes again with his “wide lanes”. (jeremy)

The town’s final attempt to keep those pesky tricyclers off the road. (jeremy)

The road baptists choose to walk (todd ruth)

Police find missing munchkin’s bicycle. Yellow brick road / canal mix up feared. (daniel)


Mormons have their own lane? (brian aaby)

shoot me an email with your book choice, brian!

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