photo in need of a caption

yes, this real life garfield is a REAL cat. he lives in italy, and weighs in at 35 pounds. the pic is screaming (meowing?) for a caption contest. best one gets the ys book of your choice.


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so many great ones this time!

GET IN MY BELLY! (david b)

I bet that cat has a GREAT personality. (jeremy)

Da Bears (othy)

If you think the cat is huge, you may not want to be around when he coughs up that hairball. (eric)

It’s all fur, underneath I’m just skin and bones! (tanya)

Does this woman I’m wearing make me look fat? (christopher)

Poor thing… He’s not fat, he’s just husky… (dusty)

Laser Cats’ Nuclear Option. (john)

Why are you all staring at me? Is my zipper down or something? (ben v)

Ready….Aim……. (steve)

No one will know the difference this Thanksgiving! (scott)

Toonces in a nursing home. (rob)

cats. the other white meat. (jess)

and the winner is…

Laser Cats’ Nuclear Option. (john)

john, this made me laugh out loud. i love andy samburg’s digital shorts on SNL, and laser cats is the weirdest of the weird. nice work. shoot me an email with your book choice and address.

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