photo in need of a caption

saw this pic over on my friend brian’s blog (on a post about driving somewhere fast), and thought it was crying out for a “photo in need of a caption” contest. best caption, within a couple days, get a ys book of yer choice.



Jesus: “Okay, okay, I’ll be your co-pilot!” (ryan s)

“… So I’ll cling to the old rugged cross…” (joe)

“You’re sins are forgiven! You’re sins are FORGIVEN!” (chris day)

Purpose Driven (brian aaby)

The Passion: Tokyo Drift (jim king)

Atonement theories of the next generation. (christopher)

red lights, RED LIGHTS………. (chris saulnier)

and the winner is…

The Passion: Tokyo Drift (jim king)

funny stuff, jim.  shoot me an email with your book choice and mailing address.

69 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. Born into a stable with parents nearby = 3 BC
    Began ministry at age 30 with no fanfare = 27 AD
    Died for the sins of the world = 30 AD
    Realizing some sins are just plain worth experiencing = priceless.

  2. After the car slowed to a reasonable speed and Jesus caught his breath, he forced the driver to remove the Jesus fish off of his bumper.

  3. Jesus: “Marko, seriously, there’s no need to prove to everyone what an unmanned car will actually be like in case of the rapture.”

  4. Hang on man, we’re almost to the church. They can’t start the service without you, right?

  5. Jesus saying, “HEY haven’t you ever read Romans 13!!!!! Laws of the land brother… laws of the land!!”

  6. After spending some time with Mr. Yac, Jesus took the advice: Jump First, Fear Later. That’s my Jesus!

  7. Dares From Jesus 3: Wild Lessons from Inside Your Car

    “So you see kids, what Mt 16:24 is saying is that you must let ‘Jesus take the Wheel’ and have the driver’s seat of your lives. Let’s pray and then we’ll slow down for small groups”

  8. “The culture is driving the church and leaving Jesus behind” – Ad for the Association for keeping things the same, even if it isn’t working.

  9. Mike Yaconelli to Jesus:

    “And you thought my last words were What a ride”

    (Somehow I picture Mike just laughing outloud at just seeing this pic)

  10. “Jesus Take The Wheel…”

    “Every man for himself. There is no way I am letting go of this thing!!”

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