photo in need of a caption

what it really is: the Nike (Burger) Air Max 90 by Olle Hemmendorff, a Swedish illustrator/designer who was commissioned by Nike (along with 7 other artists) to “interpret” their sneakers. Olle decided to make one out of … hamburger! (ht to neatorama)

but, for our purposes here at ysmarko, it’s a photo in serious need of a caption. best one gets the ys book of your choice.

not as many contenders as they’re often are — i’m thinking maybe this picture was just too obvious, and didn’t cause people to be quite as creative.

Just Eat It. (susan)

Would you like to Shaq-size your shoeburger for $0.49? (jeremy street)

Surprisingly they actually offer quite good arch support. (rooster) (ysmarko: i’m not sure if you intended the mcdonald’s/arch reference or not, rooster; but it was a nice play on words whether you meant it or not!)

Hamburgler + Cinderella = (john c)

Hell for a glutton with a shoe fetish…to eat or not to eat. (trey bledsoe)

Open mouth, insert shoe. (jeff pom)


gonna go with the nice and simple play on words from jeff pom: Open mouth, insert shoe.

shoot me an email with your book choice, jeff.

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