photo in need of a caption

what it really is: the mustachioed water polo team of croatia.

what we’re using it for: a little photo in need of a caption contest! winner gets the free ys book of your choice.

(ht to brandon early, via email)


“That’s No Snicker Bar” (Geron Brown)

Tired of living in the shadows of Mario & Luigi, Aldo, Beppe and Giovani go to make their mark on the world stage. (joe t)

“Men, you need to ask yourself, ‘What Would MagnumPI Do?” (Chad Farrand)

…that’s what she said. (Nikomas)

“My mustache used to be THIS big.” (Joel)

four out of five agree, that seeing the water is the first step to recovery. (Chris Cummings)

Rehearsal’s for the new Vegas show…Borat’s Bathing Beauties! Niiice!! (Jeff Myers)

“Why does the fish get bigger every time coach tells this motivational story?” (brian aaby)

some things look better in HD. (jess)

“I told you idiots it would drown the horses” (Brock)

just another day at the YS office… (James)

a mustache… two inches of dignity. (jess)

Lucky for us the coach didn’t dress out that day (pbj)

one word: manscaping (Molly)

What do you mean we can’t get Marko’s latest book? (Gman)

and, da winner is…

a mustache… two inches of dignity. (jess)

i almost went with a couple others that made me laugh more, but this one is both funny, and has a bit of poignancy to it! seriously, these poor guys didn’t choose their uniforms. they need something to cover up with. and don’t we all, from time to time, need a little mustache (either literally or figuratively) to give us some dignity!?

shoot me an email with your book choice, jess.

85 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. not realizing their uniforms got switched with the women’s swim team,they were unsure with what to do with the tops.


  3. #1 reason water polo has never caught on in the United States…the creepiness of mostly in shape mustachioed man in a checkerboard speedo

  4. I know he’s fast but just pretend Phelps is playing Sharks and Minnows…you’re the sharks…now go get him

  5. Never done one of these…can I submit more than one entry like I just did?

    I have to admit, I played polo, love polo, would play again in a heartbeat…unless I had to wear their uniforms…not even the olympics are worth checkerboard speedos, well maybe the olympics but that’s it

  6. “then i grabbed him like this….”
    Coach always talks about the time he saw a bear in the woods. Doesn’t he realize there are no bears in the pool?

  7. My caption is “Please don’t give me credit for finding a picture with a bunch of near naked, harry men…I am sure it was a typo while Googling.”
    Honest mistake;)

  8. The real reason the “Bob the Big Boy” chain went under…
    Sorry, I came a little late to the party.

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