photo in need of a caption

a little post-election fun!

the real story: in the race for the colorado state senate, district 14 in denver had two candidates named — yes — bob bacon and matt fries. see result here. but this photo just screamed for a photo in need of a caption contest!

you know the drill. at my whim, i choose “contenders” over a three-day period, then declare a winner, who gets the ys book of their choice.

bring it on!

(ht to dave palmer for the photo)


There will be no trimming of the fat in this election. (Andrew Seely)

It was clear that the Governor of Colorado R. Mcdonald had made some progress in the political arena. (othy)

It appears that the Adkins movement continues as Denver voters overwhelmingly reject carbs. (Bob)

Bacon – 63%;
+ Fries – 37%;
= Bacon Fries – 100% delicious (Swish)

Time for an artery stimulus package… (cal)

This year, the youth vote proved their powers at the polls in unpredictable ways. (Rob)

“as you all know- this was a three way race until Susan Eggs dropped out of the race. Now it looks like Mr. Bacon will bring indeed bring himself home.” (Jay) (ysmarko: dude, nice old skool commercial reference!)

“The Race For The White House Slowed To A Jog, Then Stopped For A Breather, And Eventually Walked The Final 3 Miles.” (jeremy street)

Ironically, the biggest donors to both campaigns were health insurance companies… (Jeff Moulton)

An end finally came to the ugliest campaign battle in the nation. You had Fries accusing Bacon of really being Canadian, and Bacon accusing Fries of really being French. (Jeremy)

In a shocking twist, Kevin Bacon wins the election with only 3 degrees of separation. (Chad Farrand)

I voted with my gut. (Andrew Seely)

canada finally sticks it to france. (jess)

Bacon: An American Story (brian aaby) (ysmarko: nice!)

and the winner is…

yeah, i’m gonna have to go with jess’s “canada finally sticks it to france.” nice. shoot me an email, jess, with your address and book choice.

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  1. Go Canada! ;) ok .. I think I’m a bit biased. But who says Canadians can’t be patriotic like my American friends?

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