photo in need of a caption

i’m sure there’s some good explanation for this old skool photo. but let’s just have fun with it!

best caption gets the ys book of yer choice.


holy cow — i thought there might be the occasional “ass” comment on this one, but i had forgotten the floodgates that would open when youth workers are given permission to slip in a double-usage of the word! ha. you guys crack me up.

ok, here are the ones that have really tickled my funny bone so far…

Why do I have to carry the pinata?
Comment by Jeff Myers

He ain’t heavy…he’s my burro.
Comment by Jeff Myers

Saving Private Ryan’s Ass
Comment by Jeff Myers

Eddie Murphy’s voice: Are we there yet?
Comment by Jeremy

“Lions led by donkeys” is a phrase popularly used to describe the British infantry of the First World War and to condemn the generals who commanded them. The contention is that the brave soldiers (lions) were sent to their deaths by incompetent and indifferent leaders (donkeys). The phrase was the source of the title of one of the most scathing examinations of British First World War generals, The Donkeys by British historian Alan Clark. The origins of the phrase pre-date the First World War. During the Crimean War, The Times of London wrote of the British Army, “The Russians say we are lions led on by asses.” The Times recycled the phrase as “lions led by donkeys” with reference to French soldiers during the Franco-Prussian War. There were numerous examples of its use during the First World War, referring to both the British and the Germans.
Comment by Andy Jack
(ysmarko: i had to include andy’s simply because it’s the single longest caption ever submitted in a photo caption contest! andy thought this was a “create an article that goes along with photo” contest!)

“I left 99 and all I could find was this.”
Comment by William

Tom Hank’s next project: Band of Burros
Comment by Jeremy

Christopher Robin still has “issues”
Comment by Rob
(ysmarko: this one made me laugh out loud and almost shoot coffee out my nostrils this morning at the coffee shop when i first read it!)

I’m protecting him from weapons of ass destruction.
Comment by Jeremy

The 1938 NYWC had some innovative giveaways in the the convention center, and if it’s free, youth workers will take anything.
Comment by Bob

Does this ass make my butt look big?
Comment by Todd

The bitter truth of why John McCain is a Republican.
Comment by Len

Matthew 11:30 – For my yoke is easy and my burrow is light.
Comment by Ben

How do you explain this Vietnam flashback to your shrink?
Comment by Murphy

Private…hurry up or we will have to leave your ass behind.
Comment by Murphy

annie liebowitz’s “the democrats march out of 1984? remains an unsung masterpiece in her body of work.
Comment by Rob C

and the winner is…

wow — great crop of captions this time, and LOTS of them! quite a few rise to the top as the ‘cream of the crop’, so to speak. but i just don’t think i can get past rob’s Christopher Robin still has “issues” for pure, twisted creativity and comic value. rob, you and your issues win. email me the book of your choice and your address.

88 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. Just goes to show the army couldn’t find their ass if it wasn’t strapped to their back.

    in an effort to infiltrate the ever elusive donkey mafia the CIA has created a new camouflage backpack.

    (i just posted CIA on a website. i wonder if marko will get investigated for this.)

  2. How do you explain this Vietnam flashback to your shrink?

    Private Don Key Hote…the German windmills did not stand a chance.

    Private…hurry up or we will have to leave your ass behind.

    The other guys laughed at him until they got to the mountain range. Then he, of course, laughed on his ass all the way to the top.

    No ass left behind…

    Whole new meaning to the need to lmao…

  3. Inspiration for Marks Batterson’s next book “In a field with a burro on a hot summer day.”

  4. After taking a series of beatings from Balaam, Balaams Donky hired a personal security staff

  5. come on man. my idea was brilliant!

    After years of carrying foxes on their backs and digging foxholes, new soldiers carrying asses are digging… a new kind of hole.

    comic genius i say!

  6. Wow …you were assking for it by putting that pic up and asking for comments =)

    Where did you get this pic? Do you know what the actual story is behind it?

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