photo in need of a caption

ok, so i have to admit, i’m a little nervous about posting this one for a caption contest, because i don’t want this to become a series of ethnic jokes. ok? ya hear me? this photo calls for funny captions, for sure; but i’ll delete any i deem over the line.

with that: have at it! best one wins the ys book of yer choice. last caption contest i ran had like 100+ comments — let’s see how this one goes!

the quantity of comments is a little lower than last time, but the quality is great! creative and funny people, you are. here are the ones that really caught my attention so far…

David Letterman gets a little carried away with his “Will it float” game.
Comment by Larry Darnell

They’re only 90% baptized.
Comment by Aaron

The latest strip mall trend: Michael Phelps’ Nursery and Daycare
Comment by Rob

This probably isn’t the best way to test the absorbency of diapers.
Comment by miller

Ladies and Gentlemen – Step Right Up! Land a ping pong ball in the ring, and win a BABY!
Comment by Jeff Pom

Excuse me, I need to “drop the kids off at the pool”.
Comment by Jeff Myers

The Even Curiouser Case of Benjamin Chin
Comment by Jeff Myers

Does the water seem warmer in this one?
Comment by Jeff Moulton

“the new cry room seems to be holding pretty well”
Comment by Scott

Even with the polar ice caps melting and all, this next evolutionary step just seems a little off.
Comment by Mike

All this to get out of changing a diaper?
Comment by Richard Jones

a dad says to his friend “see.. told you watching the kids would be easier than you thought”
Comment by Jpack

Parenting Class: Worst Case Scenario week.
Comment by Kevin I

“Mom, that’s not really where baby’s come from is it?”
Comment by Jan Ussery

Some say the latest PETA campaign to rebrand the puffer fish went a little too far…
Comment by Mike

and the winner is…

great stuff this time! it was tough to choose a winner, but i’m going with
“the new cry room seems to be holding pretty well”
Comment by Scott

i chose it because it’s funny, but also because it’s got an edge of skewering to it that almost seems plausible.

shoot me an email with your book of choice, scott.

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  1. What’s more embarassing, pictures of you taking a bath as a child or a crowd watching you through the window?

  2. “the new cry room seems to be holding pretty well”


    “tic and marko actually found the fountain of youth”

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