photo in need of a caption

with a hat tip to jeremy, who sent me this pic posted on carlos whittaker’s blog, this photo needs captions. just needs them. best one wins the ys book of yer choice.


desperate for customers in these tough economic times, sea world unveiled its new kiddie ride wednesday to mixed reviews. cat lovers were especially critical.
Comment by Rob C

I hatez kidz. I hatez water. I hatez kids more. I free!
Comment by Jim V

“me ow”
Comment by brock

Ten bucks say the cat sticks the landing
Comment by Chris Saulnier

Then the spaceship made this giant sucking sound and we never saw the girls (or Fluffy) again.
Comment by steve

Overcoming her fear of water fluffy just couldn’t handle the screaming girls any longer.
Comment by rooster

this is how God kills kittens…
Comment by Kyle

“Toonces, the diving cat.”
Comment by Jeremy

Underdog’s newest attempt at finding a partner goes wrong as Undercat doesn’t quite understand the concept of being the “hero”…
Comment by Brian R.

Comment by brian aaby
[ysmarko: ah, the simplicity of this one!]

Angela’s $7000 cat learned the hard way what happens to bad kitties.
Comment by Libby
[ysmarko: libby scores with a timely reference from this week’s episode of “the office”!]

and the winner is…

let’s give it to libby, for her timely pop-culture reference; and because libby hasn’t won a caption contest here before! libby, shoot me an email.

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  1. Why do all my posts say 7:30pm-ish? It’s only 5:30ish here in Illinois, California time would only be 3:30ish. That trip to Korea messed up your body clock more than you thought…. :)

  2. Knowing Paws’ has nine lives, the girls skipped the feline life jacket, to their chagrin. The Water Park will soon hear from PETA.

  3. After many months of forced dress-up and tea parties, Benny the cat saw his escape. It would be risky!

  4. The demons begged to be cast out of the three little girls and into the cat. The possessed feline rushed into the water.

  5. The Koreans have developed a flying cat, and they gave one to Marko as a token of friendship.

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