photo in need of a caption

this one thanks to scott ball (via email). you know the rules: best caption gets the ys book of your choice.


Pastor Smith wanted to make sure the youth pastor would never park in his spot again.
Comment by Jeff Myers

First Time Visitors Parking
Comment by Dj

behold the United Methodist Book of discipline.
Comment by riddle

Would have been cheaper just to use a sign that says “Deacon parking only”
Comment by Chris Saulnier

the real reason Marko has taken to public transportation.
Comment by rooster

exegesis of a parking sign
Comment by Ken MacDonald

The real reason for the YS Office move.
Comment by Kevin I

Parking in the Old Testament
Comment by Kevin I

Wednesday Night: A can of Coke gets spilled on the carpet in the youth room.
Thursday Morning: Youth Pastor pulls into the parking lot where he notices this sign in front of his/her paking spot with a note attached from the janitor reading “Coke doesn’t belong on the floor…just like your car doesn’t belong here.”
Comment by Kyle

“AND…don’t even get me started on the parking situation around here”-Christian Bale
Comment by Todd

The Episcopal Church welcomes you…
Comment by Molly

This season on LOST…
Comment by Katie

Compliments of Dwight Schrute – Assistant to the Regional Parking Manager…
Comment by Dusty

Calvinist Parking only: If we choose to give you a ticket, you Aren’t One!
Comment by Marvin Nelson

“Birth Control”
Comment by Kurt Brandemihl

Reserved parking at FEMA headquarters
Comment by John

Wanda looked up from her ‘72 Datsun and, recognizing it to be the sign she had been praying for, cursed God and died.
Comment by John

and the winner is…

“Birth Control”
Comment by Kurt Brandemihl

concise and minimal, creative, funny! let me know your book choice, kurt!

69 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. these signs are the result of the compromise after the constant complaints about a previous sign saying “No Parking Anytime: Violators Will Be Shot Without Warning”

  2. Wanda looked up from her ’72 Datsun and, recognizing it to be the sign she had been praying for, cursed God and died.

  3. joe finally found the perfect word picture to help his senior pastor understand why reading the original greek and hebrew during his sunday sermons wasn’t a good idea.

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