photo in need of a caption

ok, it’s been a little while since we’ve had a caption contest, and i got an email the other day asking for one. so here you go! best caption wins the ys book of your choice.



Shelves, yeah we really could use some shelves!
Comment by Poul Wilson

Since the practice “performance” has been leaked to the internet for this Fall’s NYWC … Jay thought his adoring fans would never find him up here!
Comment by Gman

All of this pantry space, and all we have to eat is freeze-dried lima beans.
Comment by Brad

“I just know my diorama will win this year!”
Comment by Brian

sub-woofers in space
Comment by Rob

NASA unveils the new Hubble Viewmaster
Comment by Bob

The kid with the biggest suitcase always shows up last!
Comment by pbj

You should see the size of the bag of microwave popcorn he is waiting on.
Comment by Chris Saulnier

and the winner is…

dang! i’m so sorry — i totally spaced on wrapping this one up! ok, so, some good contenders, but i’m gonna go with bob’s “NASA unveils the new Hubble Viewmaster”. that gave me a good chuckle. shoot me an email, bob.

49 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. Look at the size of that boy’s head!
    That’s a virtual planetoid! Has it’s own weather system! Head Move!

  2. Since the practice “performance” has been leaked to the internet for this Fall’s NYWC … Jay thought his adoring fans would never find him up here!

    “o.k., who had the half pepperoni with double cheese and a side order of breadsticks?” (o.k., where is the breadsticks? don’t tell me I forgot the breadstick? for the love of it all . . . WHERE IS THE &@$* BREAD STICKS!?)

  4. Option 1 – “I just know my diorama will win this year!”

    Option 2 – “I’m getting pretty sick of these budget cuts…these outhouses are so disgusting!”

  5. Rather than use Nasa’s urine recycle system, Bill decides to go outside to relieve himself.

  6. This looks like the contraption I had back in the day to get a tan. That and a bottle of baby oil and iodine and you had some color on your skin.

  7. It took Jim a long time to convince NASA that middle school students would love space from inside a box… that never comes back!

  8. “Okay, who’s the rocket scientist that thought it’d be okay to pack 5 bottles of mustard into the fridge, but no ketchup!”

  9. 1) continuing the pizza delivery theme – “I better be getting a good tip!”

    2) Someone wanna shine a light this way…it’s really dark out here

  10. Wow, Mom really hid the Christmas presents well this year.


    The 100 meter zero-g pogo-stick box relay is the most popular sport at the future Olympics.

  11. The unexpected result of an increasingly post-christian america:
    Replacing angels with astronaut cargo-load specialists as xmas tree toppers.

  12. distraught with his loss of analog TV, Cletus just knew he had to find a way to watch March Madness and figured the closer to the source of the signal the better!

  13. Astronaut training: $120,000
    Launching into space: $875,000
    Space station: $10,500,000
    Watching the astronaut play with the box instead of doing his job: priceless

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