photo in need of a caption

this one from miranda bailey and matt reeve. let the swine flu captions commence! best one (swine flu or other) wins the ys book of yer choice.



Joey — You can’t imagine what her teen years will be like…

Josh — This week on Toddler Fear Factor

Molly — hamthrax

Chris Saulnier — Hey, Hey, Hey stop that. You don’t know where that kids tongue has been.

Jeremy — What a father sees when his daughter dates in her teen years.

brian aaby — Cheating on Kermit.

Howard — And so began Jimmy Dean’s love of pork.

scott b — this kid watched charlotte’s web one too many times.

Chris — Applying for a job at the Center for Disease Control is not as easy as one would think.

jeremy street — Old Mcdonald had a flu, e-i-e-i- eww….

jeremy street — The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, PETA edition

and the winner is…

(sorry, travel to korea caused me to forget to pick a winner until now!)

jeremy street — Old Mcdonald had a flu, e-i-e-i- eww….

funny stuff, jeremy. shoot me an email.

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