photo in need of a caption

call your mother, it’s the first photo in need of a caption for 2011! this wonderful weirdness is begging, on its photographic knees, for captionization, baby.


man, some funny stuff this time around! a group from my nashville coaching cohort helped pick out the contenders…

Jeff Moulton
Oh! Jelly Center! Nom nom nom.

Dude, M. Night warned you to wear yellow.

e. sutter
…she made fun of Elisha…

Lost and alone, the rookie youth worker began to realize this wasn’t a new skit idea at all…

Andy Tuttle
YUMMMMM!!!! The other other white meat!!!!

Voltron – Combine!

Elizabeth’s childhood Care Bear dream has been fulfilled … but her journey to the “The Forest of Feelings” has produced some unexpected results!

RIP Christopher Robin 1985-2011

Heather Campbell
If a bear eats a person’s head in a forest and no one’s around, does the unsuspecting hiker make a sound?

Dave Wollan
Because “only you can prevent forest fires” wasn’t working

Andrew Seely
The annual Teddy Bear picnic never saw Gary coming.

Just when you thought you saw enough Betty White ….


tough call this time. but i’m going with the one that made me and some members of my coaching group laugh the most:

Andrew Seely
The annual Teddy Bear picnic never saw Gary coming.

congrats, andrew. the world raises a glass of whatever in your honor!

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