photo in need of a caption

it’s mariachi time! wait, no — it’s gunslinger time! or, it’s time to celebrate babies! or… wait… uh, maybe they’re just wearing diapers so they don’t have to take potty breaks? whatever the case (and whatever the actual source, which i am clueless about), this has fantastic potential as a photo in need of a caption. have your way…

(thanks to Jennifer Corzine for sending the photo, via email)


some great ones this time! i’ll just list the best of the best (those that made me actually chuckle, not only smile). some great insider-y stuff here too — like, you’d only get them if you’re a regular reader of this blog.

Josh Treece
The Westboro Baptist Church’s latest protest of a YS convention…

e. sutter
In the wake of CSI: Las Vegas, Miami and New York, NBC brings back an old favorite – Baywatch: Guadalajara.

OK who spiked the Communion juice at our men’s meeting?

john mathers
awesome middle school football trick play

Chris Saulnier
What the self employed do on their day off.
(marko: ouch!)

Nursing home VBS

Todd L
Chi Chi’s loss is the parade circuit’s gain.

…And for my second wish, I want you to take the xray vision away.

Jonathan Hobbs
When you lose a bet with Mark Oestreicher….

Kurt J
…When home schooled kids grow up.

and the winner is…

not the same quantity of captions this time around, but some seriously funny ones. so tough to choose! i’m gonna call a tie, just so i can have more than one winner…

for turning a caption contest into a rip on the contest host (me!), Chris Saulnier, with “What the self employed do on their day off.”

and, with his snarky late entry, Kurt J and “…When home schooled kids grow up.”

38 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. The Youth Worker’s Convention took a turn for the worse as a lesson illustration got out of hand.

    Pictured L to R:
    Doug Fields, Duffy Robbins and Josh Griffin

    Tony Jones

  2. In a hurry to make it Taco Tuesday and running a little late, Youth Pastor Brian (left), Senior Pastor Tim (middle), and Worship Pastor Vince (right) decided to forgo taking a potty break before leaving and strapped on diapers instead.

  3. In the wake of CSI: Las Vegas, Miami and New York, NBC brings back an old favorite – Baywatch: Guadalajara.

  4. Christian film-makers attempt to re-make The Three Amigos this time with a pro-life spin, hence the diapers and baby bottle (middle guy in his bullet strap). Los Tres Bambinos!

  5. First Baptist’s new ministry to their community’s Latino population goes awry when the youth pastor offers to create a live manger scene “with a Latino flair” during the month of December.

  6. Photo by Mark Oestreicher, 1989 // Caption: Wheaton College Homecoming Theme “Home on the Range” was a big success among older alumni home on furlough.

  7. The “Depends” Company’s new marketing strategy to the Latino community. “Les Poop a Racha”

  8. When the youth director decided on a “Feliz Navidad” Christmas Party theme, some of the adult volunteers just took it too far.

  9. 1. Gringos in speedos!

    2. Pants?! We dont need no stiiinking pants!

    3. The Three Amigos

    4. …And for my second wish, I want you to take the xray vision away…

  10. The Men’s Ministry never bet with the Women’s Ministry again in the Annual Chili Cook Off youth fundraiser.

  11. Marko, it is not a rip on you bro. You know everyone that posted to this has thought to themselves…..I wish I could dance in a diaper and a sombrero. In fact if I was self employed I would wear a sombrero every day for at least 5 minutes.

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