photo in need of a caption

yup, saw this one on the fail blog and had to repurpose it. with a deep affection for teenagers, i give you this photo begging, pleading for a caption. (and, for those without good screen resolution, the back window says “got my permit”.)


The dad is about to write “Took away my kid’s permit” in the back window of his truck

Duh! Winning!

Dave Wollan
Lllllike a glove!

brian aaby

and the winner is…

well, my old rules used to be “whichever caption causes me to make the loudest, audible sound — a laugh, chortle, snort, or groan.” and, no question about it, this time that loudest sound, in the form of the retort-like singular “HA!” laugh my friends mock me for, occurred when reading “Duh! Winning!” from rob. congrats, rob. we open our garage doors in your honor.

32 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. what was I thinking Dad?? I was thinking that I’m gonna talk to Mom about making this your new ‘Man-Cave.’

  2. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Co. 4:18

  3. I wounder if he made the horn sound from the Dukes of Hazard right before…..

  4. Mom: What were you thinking?
    Teen: I just got my permit and I wanted to drive.
    Mom: You have to have your license to drive by yourself.
    Teen: I wasn’t alone. I was with an adult.
    Mom: Really? Who?
    Teen: The youth pastor.
    Mom: That doesn’t count.

  5. You can take my permit but you can never take my freedom …what?… grounded… well…dang…

  6. the clue version…what really happened:

    mom was driving and thought, “if I start crying and blame it on menopause, he’ll just walk away and watch the football game”

    dad was driving and thought, “there’s a bar of soap in the garage, if I write ‘got my permit’ at least the neighbors will never know it was me'”

    JH little brother was driving and thought, “I can blame it on my sister, she just got her permit”

    Teenage Girl who just got her permit and is a great driver thought, “Oh great, they’re gonna blame it on me!”‘
    Teenager Girl who just got her permit and isn’t a great driver thought, “time to practice another driving skill…crying to get out of a ticket/accident”

  7. Kirk Moore’s answer made me laugh out loud for several minutes, and I really liked Kevin Thomas’ answer too. Can’t come close to either of those two.

  8. “This one goes out to all you minivan families out there.
    Sienna SE…in the house.” (opening line from swagger wagon)

  9. My whole family is laughing because of Dave’s “Liiiike a glove!” comment! Well played, Dave!

    However, I think this should be simply:
    “Photo not in need of a caption.”

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