photo in need of a caption

yeah, let’s do this thing. time for a summer-y photo, man.

and how about a prize for the winner? yup. the best caption gets (ready for this?) a 20% discount for either the Middle School Ministry Campference, or The Summit, two of the events hosted by The Youth Cartel this fall. that’s kind of a big-deal prize (so i’m gonna have to say it’s ‘non-transferable’)!

whatcha got?


Lee Barnes
Eat mor fish…

Cindy Z
The day Sonshine Church decided to rethink “VBS Happy Trails.”
marko comment: fantastic!

No, I swear I’m innocent! It was the other half! He was mooning people! You gotta believe me!!!

e. sutter
E! True Hollywood Story: Seabiscuit, Derby to Darkness
marko comment: that’s a good one

Scott Pittman
Why such the long face?

adam mclane
Lindsay Lohan arrest again.
marko comment: not eligible to win, but dang funny

what’s Sarah Jessica Parker doing at the beach?
marko comment: omg, that’s hilarious

Kevin Libick
War Horse 2: Shore Leave Gone Bad

the locals never have liked visitors from the valley


i narrowed it to two, and couldn’t make up my mind; so i’m giving out two awards! Cindy Z, for “The day Sonshine Church decided to rethink ‘VBS Happy Trails.'”, and Angie, for “what’s Sarah Jessica Parker doing at the beach?”

so completely different, but both so funny! Cindy Z and Angie — you both win a 20% discount for either the MSMC or The Summit. shoot me an email ([email protected]).

40 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption”

  1. I know this one will not win, but I can’t resist:

    “No bucking on the beach”

    Now for my official entry:

    “I don’t care if you do work at a church, that’s still harassment and you’re still under arrest”

  2. “Officer, I was just sea horsing around. Of course real cops can wear shorts and work this beat. Sorry when I said pigs can’t swim”.

  3. But Officer, I was only frolicking and shunning unbelievers with the others.

  4. Fine, take me in. I will insist on DNA testing. I told you that pile was not mine.

  5. Be still and give me your other hoof… Err… I mean… Dude you’re weird.

    Don’t Tase me bro.

    this is what happens when you flunk out of hogwarts.

  6. Sorry, Officer. I was simply panting for water and when I saw the ocean, I just lost my senses!

  7. “I don’t know what reindeer games you play at the north pole…but here that is just down right illegal and frankly… quite rude.”
    “How to catch a predator: Deer version!
    ‘I swear man, I didn’t know she was a fawn.'”

  8. “listen son, you can wear your inflatable head, you can your 80’s zebra shorts but on LA beaches if you play frisbee we have to lock you up.”

  9. I don’t care if you are personal friends with Santa you can’t just do that

  10. “Sorry sir, you are under arrest, Zebra pants are strictly prohibited on the beach.”

  11. Officer, do I have to sit in the back seat, or will you call in the horse trailer?

  12. Homeland Security has a few questions about why that nose of yours is so shiny. You could even say it glows…

  13. Good thing it wasn’t wearing a hoodie!
    (is social commentary allowed in this contest?)

  14. …and then the Fashionot Police arrested Ted, everyone knows that you do not wear a Deer head with Zebra shorts!

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