photo in need of a caption

my friend bethany mentioned the other day that i’m overdue for a caption contest. ok – fair enough. found this one on jonny baker’s blog a while back (i think). let’s change the rules for this one a bit. the winning caption could be witty — OR, it could be insightful and semi-pithy! how ’bout that? whatcha got?



After a month of Evangelism sermons, First Pres. decided to take a different approach for their float in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (robert)

“Would you like your church to be on the right, left, or in the middle?” (molly)

After Pastor John bought the new Dixie Chicks album, the IRS confiscated his buidling. (eric wakeling)

If Purpose can drive a church, why can’t Bubba? (darryl) (though, i think this would have been funnier as “the bubba-driven church”)

The Bubba-Driven Church (andy jack) (yeah, he just said what i said, but i gotta give him credit for creatively laying claim to what i said would be funny!)

The new era of church shopping – we come to you! (scott)

as they approached the on ramp to I95, a twinge of doubt filled pastor Bob’s mind for a minute. He wondered if this whole (holy) “mergin’” church stuff was really a little extreme… (mdaele)

I got it on eBay! (john)

See what happens when you forget CCLI…. (jeff moulton)

’screw those people in the ditches, we’re on the move’ (TCS)


I got it on eBay! (john)

lots of great entries this time around. funny stuff. but, in the end, “i got it on eBay!” was just the funniest. john, let me know what YS book you want!

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