photo in need of a caption, last-minute special holiday edition

i’m SO close to overdoing it with these little contests. so i think i might need to take a break from them for a while after this one (two in one week!). but steve case sent me this great picture, and i just couldn’t resist. so, a last-minute special holiday edition.

same rules as usual. i’ll choose a winner before the weekend.







the running list of contenders…

“Man, even in our world Jesus is depicted as white!” (brian aaby)

Guys, guys, it’s the thumb, pointer finger and pinkie for love! Get it right. (sylvia)

Wiseman 1: Gold
Wiseman 2: Frankensense
Wiseman 3: Myrrh
Wiseman 4: Bling Bling (sonofkong)

“Joseph, I know it’s the eighth day and this has to be done, but are you sure those guys know what they’re doing???” (mike)

Listen, kid.. we gotta talk about this “Red and Yellow, Black and White” thing. (dan roth)

I believe in a free Narnia! (bethany boring)

and the christmas eve eve winner is… bethany boring (in under the wire) with that last contender. made me giggle three times in a row when i read it! congrats, bethany — you’ve suggested many-a-comment on these things. shoot me an email and tell me what book you want.

23 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption, last-minute special holiday edition”

  1. Poser #1: “Poser Mobil says you’re out’a pre-paid minutes, little man!”

    Baby Jesus: “But I’m the son of God!”

    Poser #2: “Fees, shorty…fees!”

    Poser #3: “Plus an extra shekel a day extra…”

  2. With no lots to be found, they tried rock-paper-scissors, best 2/3, to see who had to change the divine diaper.

  3. The Newest Holiday of the Year instead of Kwanzee, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and Happy Holidays …. the newest Holiday is Happy Hallo-Ristmas. It starts commercially October 1 – December 31 to keep all happy.

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