photo in need of a caption (sympathy for atlanta edition)

i’m heading to atlanta this weekend to speak at a youth event. of course, i’m hoping things will have returned to whatever is normal for coldlanta. in the mean time, this photo seemed timely. prize (maybe prizes) for best caption(s)! how about a copy of The Youth Cartel’s LENT devotional (we call it a youth ministry resource, but it’s really good for anyone 10 – 100 years old).

bring it!


not as many entries this time around, but there sure are some funny ones! here are the ones that rose to the top, from the subjective lens of my sense of humor:

Tony Roos
Luckily Steve Erkel is always prepared

e. sutter
Yes, unfortunately it is the only plow in Atlanta.

Daft Junk: we plow all night if we’re lucky

Joel Settecase
Minimus Prime: Of course, certain Transformers have always been a little less popular than others.

and the winner is…

rob, you almost won. funny stuff. but i have to go with joel’s “minimus prime,” because it’s just so fun to say! congrats, joel! i’ll email you to get your prize to you!

24 thoughts on “photo in need of a caption (sympathy for atlanta edition)”

  1. From the makers of the Everlasting Gobstopper comes “Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa Snow Plow Service”

  2. “For some of the cast of ‘Cars,’ things have not gone well since the cameras stopped rolling”

  3. “Leave your snowplow in Minnesota,” they said. “You’ll never need it in Atlanta,” they said. “Being a plow driver is not a need here,” they said.

  4. “Even the smallest plow can change the course of the future”
    – From the Fellowship of the Plows

  5. “Marko had to modify the Youth Cartel’s Company Car to get to his ATL speaking engagement on time…”

    I would say he is lucky Adam is a beast at design.

  6. I have been laughed at all these years, but now look at me…I’m passing every vehicle on the freeway.

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