podcast of my last sermon

i preached this last weekend at my church. it was about the need for belonging, as a reflection of god’s character in us, but heightened in our current context by cultural realities. it totally came out of my thinking and writing on the youth ministry 3.0 book. i felt like the “affinity” need i talk about in the book is so much more than just an adolescent task, and is really a life-long human longing. but, readers of this blog will recognize many of the words and themes from the stuff i’ve posted about that book.

the podcast is here, if you care to listen.

3 thoughts on “podcast of my last sermon”

  1. Dude. So right on with the way I’ve been feeling. I’m finding that most people have a difficult time with being real and dropping the have it altogether look. I desperately long and yearn for more communion and mission. You know, the Jesus-y stuff. You’re awesome. I hear a bit of Yac coming through in this sermon. Love you bro. When will we see a podcast of your own?

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